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Never ever thought that I'd be advertising anything in my life. But here I am, doing that. This case is definitely worth it.

So, today I went to a trip to Eastern Washington. Made tons of photos with a beautiful model and a new shiny car and all those rocks and cliffs on the background. And... accidentally deleted them from the SD card and continued shooting over that same card! F@@ck, f@@ck, f@@ck!!!

That was a disaster. All the primary session photos were lost! I've got some pics from the rest of the day, but those were really secondary. Crap!

So I decided to try to recover them. After all, my SD card is FAT16 and since it was only 1/4 filled with the new photos, chances were high that some of the old ones survived. FAT16 does not actually "delete" the photos, you know -- it only marks them for deletion.

I started searching for the tool to do that. Sure, there were tons of them, but... they all had just one "little" problem. They wanted your money first, and then they would try to do something for you. Of course, with no guarantee. And of couse, they wanted to run as Admin during the setup [why?]. And most did not even bother to have a digital signature on their EXE :)

One app [I'm not willing to increase its ranking by mentioning its bloody name] pulled even a worse trick. It claimed to be free, but when ran it refused to recover just one "tiny" file type: the image files! It was asking for money to do that. A dirty extortion, this is how I view it.

Finally, I came across this nice app called Recuva, you can get it from These folks use a different model. The app is truly free. But if you like it, you can donate some money to them.

So I tried it. And I liked it! I've got back all but 3 of the session photos, whoa! Of coure, I donated after that. These Recuva folks have really saved my day, thanks! So I feel obligated to support them for that, and for maintaining this open business model. That's why I'm telling this story to all my friends.

So in short, I highly recommend the Recuva app for deleted files recovery for the following reasons:

* Open model. They show 100% of work face first, ask for money second.
* And the work is good -- the files were recovered!
* The last but not the least, they don't require Admin during install. You only need it when you try to do Admin ops [which is needed in like 99% of the cases in this space, but at least they tried to keep up with the minimal privilege principle!]

Oh, and did I mention that the Recuva's EXE had a digital signature? Neat job, folks! :))


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